Riding Mountain National Park – day 2, part 2

After lunch I headed back out again – going into Wasagaming with a plan on walking out on the dock at Clear Lake.

I didn’t even reach the highway when I saw this doe. She was looking and calling – you can see her mouth open on the last photo. I suspect she was looking for her fawn. I hope someone didn’t find her “abandoned fawn” and rescue it. There aren’t a lot of people here now, but it only takes one who thinks they are helping who can make a mess of things.

I reached the beach and dock, but got interested in the waves on this windy morning. Then I got on the dock and walked out.

One more splash before I walked back to the beach, took my shoes & socks off to have a walk on the beach. I finished by burying my feet in the sand. Not as nice as Grand Beach sand, but it was still nice.

Then over to the Marsh walk to see what I could find today. I took photos of a couple of the signs they have up on the dock. If you click on them, they should be easy to read.

To be continued tomorrow.