A Springtime walk around Fort Whyte Alive

This morning I decided to head over to Fort Whyte Alive for my walk. I phoned ahead to find out if the paths were still icy and they advised me that some spots were, but much has melted. I decided to put my spikes on just to be careful.

It turned out that the spikes were not necessary, since there were very few spots with snow and it was all soft – so not slippery at all. There was a fair amount of wet mud on the trails though – but that is just messy and not slippery. 🙂

The Canada Geese are back!

I knew there was an underground stream that went into the lake above, but have never seen it bubbling like it was today.

This was a nice walk, but not enough yet, so then I headed over to the Zoo. See you tomorrow with the Zoo photos.