Last Stop Today – Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

My car ended up taking me east again and when we reached Highway 59, we turned south to head back in the direction of home. But, when we got to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park we turned in there. I hadn’t been to the Cedar Bog trail since my “lost in Bird’s Hill Park day”, so that is where I parked the car and went in for a walk.

I haven’t walked on a trail without my spikes on the shoes since I got them after breaking my shoulder and without them I would not have walked this trail at all. Later in the day, I’m sure it would have been more wet than slippery, but at the time of my walk it was icy. There were very few people walking and the only person I saw was someone walking a dog, and he was complaining about the ice.

It was a beautiful day, but the temperature was not as warm as it had been a few days ago. It might have been in the range of + 2 to 4C range and just right for walking. With the slippery trail though – even with my spikes, I found walking much slower than usual.

After leaving Cedar Bog I thought I would see if the parking lot at Prairie Winds had been repaired. It looked like one the holes had been partially filled in, and since someone had parked over the 2nd hole, I am guessing that it was also filled in.

Then I headed for home so I could see how my photos turned out. Thanks for coming along with me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Last Stop Today – Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

  1. Beautiful bird! I never got any good photos of birds. Those either fly away or the photos are too dark, or too far away taken…or those have too much movement and inaccuracy…If I come any closer, atleast then birds fly away. You must have good zoom!

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    1. Thanks tanssitytto – and yes, I do have a lot of zoom on my camera. For good wildlife photos you really do need a powerful zoom, but this Chickadee was only about 2 feet away from me at the time I took it. The Chickadees here are so used to people feeding them that they will eat right out of your hand though.

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