Assiniboine Forest – Exploring a different area

Yesterday, I decided to check out a different area of the Assiniboine Forest. This is a large area that pretty much begins at the Assiniboine Park. The park starts at the Assiniboine River. Some areas in the park are bush and it is common to find White-tailed Deer right along with other urban wildlife. Corydon Avenue runs in between Assiniboine Park and the Assiniboine Forest. The forest continues south and is divided when it reaches Grant Avenue – but continues on the other side of Grant, going all the way to Wilkes Avenue. Last time I walked the area between Grant & Wilkes and yesterday I walked between Corydon & Grant. It looks like there is a lot of the larger area that I still have to visit.

As you can see there is a golf club and a University on about 1/2 of this area of the forest, so it is quite a bit smaller than the section across Grant Avenue. There were very few other people on the trails so it was quiet and enjoyable walking. I actually only saw one person and at that point I was almost back to the car. I parked in the very empty zoo parking lot.

The paved trail would be a longer walk, going all the way around the forest, but it was nice walking in the bush. I saw some Chickadees, but they weren’t interested in my seeds – so those are saved for another walk.

There is a warning sign as you enter this part of the forest about Coyotes living in here. There were some problems with people having dogs (probably small dogs) as the Coyotes were stalking them. I didn’t see any Coyotes though – and I was looking. I’d love to get photographs of these critters.

It was a beautiful day with temperatures hovering around the freezing point under a sunny sky. I walked for just over an hour, going back and forth over a couple of different paths. According to my FitBit, I covered 2.8 miles or 4.5 km.