Back to Bunn’s Creek

I am still trying to find the Cardinals at Bunn’s Creek and they are just never around on the days/times when I go. I still had a nice walk, talked to a few people and pet a few dogs – so the walk wasn’t a waste of time or energy.

One very helpful lady who was walking her dog, let me know where she has normally seen the Cardinals and also the Owl – but said she hasn’t seen the Cardinals in several days.

Of course, I managed a few photos anyway.

I didn’t do a lot of walking there this morning and started to head for home. Part way home, I decided to stop at a park where I used to go a few times daily to walk the dogs when I lived in that area. It goes right down to the Red River, so I took a few photos there also.

After wandering around the park, I went looking for the 2 different houses I had lived in on a couple of streets nearby. The first one was easy – even with it being a different colour than it was before. The house was green when I lived there and is now grey. The 2nd one was a little harder – but I remembered that the house next door was a 2 story and most of the houses were 1 story. I recognized it immediately though as it has not changed except for new steps in the front. The colour was exactly the same and once I got there and saw the school across the street, I remembered that also. I had been in the first house for quite a bit longer than the 2nd one and I hadn’t been down those streets for almost 40 years.

My FitBit tells me that I walked 3.5 miles or 5.6 km this morning between the 2 stops & walks.