My First trip to Beaudry Provincial Park

Until recently, I had not known about Beaudry Provincial Park. It is certainly the closest provincial park to the city, but isn’t well advertised. I had lived more in the eastern areas of Winnipeg and Beaudry is just to the west. It was a cloudy morning with a possibility of rain according to the forecast, but I decided it was time to check it out. It was easy to find and I was soon there and checking out the map.

So – I picked a trail and started walking.

First decision! left or right – I went right

The trails were in decent shape – but were mostly dry mud. I think I will avoid going if it has been raining recently as there were some mud puddles on parts of the trail. Luckily there was room to go around the puddles and stay dry.

I found a few birds, but most were unwilling to pose for photos. The Canada Geese were the most cooperative.

I will be back there to explore some more. I’ll bet it is beautiful when there are leaves on the trees.