Walking in the Rain at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

I knew that the path that went by the Heron nesting area would be closed, but decided to go over there and see if I could see any birds on the nests yet. I have a good zoom on my camera and was sure I’d be able to zoom in enough to see. It turns out they are still pretty hard to see, so I had no idea if I managed to get any of them on the nests or not. There was a bit of rain off & on the whole time I was walking, but it was light rain and not too annoying. 🙂

The first Heron I saw was not in the nesting area, but was on a small tree right on one of the walking paths.

He (or she) wasn’t bothered at all that I was just under the tree. This may be the same Heron that has posed nicely a few times for me during the winter.

A few ducks – some are Buffleheads, but not sure what the others are.

A couple of shots of the nesting area – you can see some herons on some of the nests. These were taken using full zoom

I thought all the maps were the same (for the Vedder Rotary Trail, but this one clearly shows that I cross the bridge and then circle under the bridge to walk the trail. So I am about 1/2 done. 🙂 That long walk down the dusty road to the other bridge that did not allow pedestrians is not in the picture.
Some kind of Sparrow – might be either a Song Sparrow or Lincoln’s Sparrow according to my Merlin Bird app.
A young Bald Eagle.
A Cormorant and a pair of Mallard Ducks
The Cormorant was putting on a good show – these birds have character!
Closer look at the pair of Mallard Ducks
A few more ducks wanted to get into the photo and who am I to say NO!

The fire alarms were going off in my apartment building this morning. If I had been thinking, I should have headed over to the Heron Reserve much earlier and avoided the noise and having to hang out in the rain in front of the building until the fire department arrived to turn it off. I have no idea if an idiot pulled one of the alarm stations or if it was just an electrical problem that set them off.

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