Catching Up

It has only been a little over a week since my last post, but it has been a busy few days.

  1. Today I got my income tax done and submitted to Revenue Canada! 🙂
  2. Yesterday I joined a senior’s group that sets up meetings in various places – this time it was a senior’s complex. It is free including coffee and snacks and this time – a free car wash certificate. You just have to register & get yourself there. The spot yesterday was within walking distance. I am already registered for the next meet up.
  3. My main computer died a couple of days ago! I had my income tax almost done on it. Today I had to re download the Turbo Tax program and start over again after connecting the other computer that hadn’t been used in awhile. I am back at the pc again instead of using my phone to check in on the world. My fingers are just too big to comfortably write much on a phone.This pc is also quite old, so hopefully it will behave itself.

I was afraid that I had lost all the photos on my last walk, but luckily (since I was uploading on a pc that I hadn’t used in months), the automatically delete option was not checked and today I found all the photos still on the camera. 🙂

This walk was back to the Vedder River Rotary Trail that I have been walking in pieces for some time now. The plan this time was to walk from the bridge where I had been last time and follow the road/trail to the next bridge where I could cross the river and return on the opposite side of the river. The reason I thought that was the route was because of this sign.

To me – this looks like what I just said . After that I would figure out where it went.
This is the full route and I believe I am within the circle on the far left. So, I am about 1/2 done.
It is hard to see, but the next bridge is at the end of the road.
A beautiful Great Blue Heron in flight!
Helicopter flying by. There are almost always small planes or helicopters flying.
Speaking of flying by – it’s a Bald Eagle
A couple of Gulls enjoying the water.
Getting close to the bridge now.

Oh oh – this is the highway – there is no access to walk across the river on it! 😦 There is a trail going off to the right on the 2nd photo. That must be the trail, but I will have to walk back to the bridge where I can walk across, and then back back to this bridge on the opposite side of the river to follow it. For today though I will just walk back to where I parked my car at the other bridge and will come back here another day to try this again. Or – maybe I turn left after crossing the bridge and start my return walk.

Back on the road walk & heading to my car.
I just can’t stop taking photos of the mountains.

Going back under the first bridge and there is my trusty little car waiting for me!

This trail is a little over 20 km long and at the rate I am going, it will take me over a year to finish. I am walking twice the actual distance because I start, walk as far as I can comfortably go and then walk back the same distance to get to my car. Of course there have been a few times where I missed part of the trail or got lost trying to figure out where I am supposed to go, and extra distances are added in. I expect that I will have walked about 50 km or more before I finish at the rate I am going. Good thing I am retired and have lots of time.

After examining the map a little closer, I don’t believe I will have to walk back to the highway bridge as the trail indicates it is a trail to Abbotsford. So, I should be able to turn left after I cross the bridge and will be heading back on the opposite side. I hope!!!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Gah! My taxes are on a computer hundreds of miles away!

    Another entertaining walk, Mavis! Walking around a couple of blocks in my hometown as I try yet again to get things straightened out here does not compare to your trails! And it looks like I will be getting my steps in shoveling over the next couple of days. I don’t mind, but the doctors don’t like it!

    At the rate you are going it will not be long before you catch me, but I will keep leaving crumbs on the virtual Colorado Trail! I cannot catch Marymac at this rate. But you might! Stay safe out there! Cheers, Stumblebum


    1. Thanks Tim – I’ve been grabbing some of the crumbs you left for me 🙂 Walks around the block count as steps too – as well as shoveling does. I’m still far enough behind you that shouldn’t have to worry about me passing you. I don’t think I’ll catch Marymac either. Take it easy on the snow shoveling. Just keep the snow off the trail so I can find the virtual crumbs you are leaving for me. 🙂


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