Walking on a Cloudy (but warm) morning

After living in Winnipeg (where I was born – many years ago) I am happy that I moved to B.C last year. Many of the winter days in Winnipeg are sunny – which is great for photographs. The main problem with that is that it is also bitterly cold and often with with nasty winds.

I am missing the sun, but I did get out for a couple of nice walks on a cloudy Wednesday.

First, I headed for the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. I wanted to see if the Swans were still there and also to see if there were more Great Blue Herons.

I did find the Swans, but not even one Heron.

Three gorgeous Swans.

and three gorgeous Bald Eagles! 🙂 They were in two different spots, with the single one being the first I saw. Then I walked over to the other side of the water and saw what I thought was one Eagle. It wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the photos that I saw the 2nd one.

I couldn’t decide which Cormorant photo I liked best – different lighting – so, I put them both up.

A Spotted Towhee was nice enough to hang out on this rock for long enough to allow a photo.

I didn’t stay at the reserve for long and decided to take the next part of my walk at Sardis Park/Pond. It has been awhile since I’ve been there.

Pair of Mallard Ducks
The Mallard Hen came to say “hi” The females are really very pretty.
The White Crow landed on the ice for a little walk.

A male Hooded Merganser out for a little swim.

This photo could be a Christmas Card.

Because of the snow that fell, along with slightly below freezing temperature, I decided to dig my shoes with spikes out, to wear for this walk. I was glad I did. There were quite a few icy spots where they came in handy. This was the first time I’ve used them since I moved here.

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