Spending a Few Days with Daisy

Daisy’s family were heading out of town for a few days, so they asked if I could stay and look after their sweet little girl. Daisy is getting up in age and no longer enjoys going into the mountains when there is snow on the ground. She still enjoys summer there though.

I met Daisy the day before they were leaving – got instructions as to likes & dislikes, along with her regular schedule and then returned the next morning to stay with her.

When she learned that I would be feeding her, she warmed up to me quickly. 🙂 Actually, I’m pretty sure that she loves any attention that she can get (and she gets quite a bit). How can anyone resist.

She does not like to look at the camera and almost every photo had her looking off to the side.

Most dogs will look at the camera (or at me) if I talk to them or snap my finger to even just call their name – but when she looks away, she has no intention of looking towards me or the camera. She is so cute!

I was told she is a Pug cross, and she looks like she is – but another breed that I am sure she is as well – is a Beagle. Her obsession with food certainly points to Beagle and her body size and shape also fits a Beagle. When her owner told me not to leave food on the table because she would get up there to eat it, my thoughts went way back to the Beagle that my ex had. That Beagle moved a chair so he could jump up onto it and then onto the table and he ate an entire cake. His belly protruded and he could hardly move for a few days. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing so it is a wonder he survived that meal. He was still hungry at the next mealtime though.

Above photo has her looking right and this one has her looking left.
I can almost hear her saying – “not the camera again!”
Daisy had stairs to get down into the grass covered yard and back up again.

She loves getting outside to sniff around.

Can’t get anything done without the camera following me.
Refill please – she would always look at me when asking for food.

While I was putting the post together, I decided to search for Puggle – to see what they look like and found out that Daisy looks very much like a Puggle. I won’t post someone else’s photos here, but a search for Puggle will bring you to some very similar looking dogs.

It had rained every day I was there until my last day with Daisy. Finally the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.

Oh well – it made the drive home much better than it would have been driving in the rain.

With the sun shining – all the houses on the mountain nearby really showed up nicely. I have no idea what part of what city it is. There are so many cities in one here.

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