I Had to Go Back to the Great Blue Heron Reserve

After seeing the adorable Great Blue Heron chick on my last drive over to the reserve, I knew that I’d be back on the next sunny day – so that is where I went yesterday. The above Mourning Dove and the below Spotted Towhee were both very co-operative & the Towhee even allowed photos with… Continue reading I Had to Go Back to the Great Blue Heron Reserve

Finally – A Baby Heron!

Each time I headed out to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, I was hoping to see a baby – and until today, it was always just wishful thinking. But today -I found one in a nest with a parent standing guard. It is difficult to even see the nests with all the green leaves… Continue reading Finally – A Baby Heron!

Walking & Photography

Some people like to sit in nature and take photos of whatever comes along. I prefer to walk and take photos of whatever I come across. Both methods work, but I love walking (which is also a healthy thing to do). My camera is always in my hands – usually around my neck also. When… Continue reading Walking & Photography

A Quick Stop at Sardis Park/Pond

Although I usually get to most of my favourite places to walk in nature each week, I have not been able to get to them for the time my car was on vacation in the Vancouver area. So, when I left the Great Blue Heron Reserve and had to pass Sardis Park/Pond on the way… Continue reading A Quick Stop at Sardis Park/Pond

A Spring Morning at Sardis Park/Pond

There are plenty of spots to visit for a walk in and/or near Chilliwack. I know there are still many more for me to discover, but even just going to my usual places, things will be different each time. More & more birds are returning – some just as a stopover before they continue further… Continue reading A Spring Morning at Sardis Park/Pond

Sardis Pond is a Busy Place

Sardis Pond has been pretty quiet over the winter. Although some birds stayed, most went somewhere else. Some of the birds there today might stay for the summer and some of them might head further north after taking a break here. I needed a short and easy walk after yesterday’s longer than usual one, so… Continue reading Sardis Pond is a Busy Place

Walking on a Cloudy (but warm) morning

After living in Winnipeg (where I was born – many years ago) I am happy that I moved to B.C last year. Many of the winter days in Winnipeg are sunny – which is great for photographs. The main problem with that is that it is also bitterly cold and often with with nasty winds.… Continue reading Walking on a Cloudy (but warm) morning

The Return of Some Birds

This my first Spring in British Columbia and it has been very spring-like since December. I love this weather, but it is so hard to get used to seeing green grass in January along with the arrival of the migrating ducks and geese. Actually a good number of ducks and geese did not even head… Continue reading The Return of Some Birds

A Happy New Year Walk

January 1st wasn’t great for walking, so I took a long walk on January 2nd. My first stop was the Sardis Park/Pond in Chilliwack. This is one of my favourite places to walk – but I have to admit that all the walking spots I’ve found so far are all my favourites – LOL. When… Continue reading A Happy New Year Walk

Ice on the Pond

I headed over to Sardis Park & Pond this morning. It is a beautiful sunny morning with the temperature right at 0C with a slight wind to make it feel a bit cooler than that. So far, I am really loving this winter. The water looks to be a bit chilly this morning, but there… Continue reading Ice on the Pond