Finally – back to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

It has been a nasty winter here in Winterpeg this year. Much more snow than normal and extreme cold for much of the winter. This morning was quite pleasant starting at -12C this morning when I headed out and rising to -8C by early afternoon. I’ve been wanting to get back out to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park for awhile – but along with the cold and snow, the highways were icy.

My first stop was at the Prairie Winds trail, where I found some Redpolls and some Pine Grosbeaks – along with the usual Black-capped Chickadees. The Redpolls and Pine Grosbeaks did not co-operate with me for photos as I went in, but one Chickadee came to say hi.

I continued on my walk, stopping to take photos of the bush & snow, along with a few more Chickadees as I went.

At times, it was really difficult to actually see the path. In the bush, it was easier than it was in the openings, but I’ve walked this trail enough that I did know where the path was supposed to be. When I returned to the car, the Redpolls and Pine Grosbeaks were more co-operative.

After this walk, I was hungry and decided to walk across the road over to the Pineridge Hollow Restaurant where I had an absolutely amazing breakfast.

I picked the pancakes đŸ™‚
They looked great, but tasted amazing! I’ll be back for more another time.

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