Prairie Winds Trail followed by Pine Ridge Hollow

After my last maintenance problem with my car, I haven’t driven on the highway since – until today. I didn’t go too far, but have been wanting to get back to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park and that is where I went. It is only about 13 km on the highway. My first walk of the… Continue reading Prairie Winds Trail followed by Pine Ridge Hollow

A Quiet Stroll along Bunn’s Creek

It was a beautiful morning today, so after a large and very yummy breakfast at Cork & Flame I decided to drive over to Bunn’s Creek. Tomorrow the winter weather is forecast to return for a few days. But first – my breakfast! At first it appeared as if all the ice on the creek… Continue reading A Quiet Stroll along Bunn’s Creek

Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 4

This is my last morning here and I decided to sleep in a bit and hang around for the breakfast that comes with the lodging.  I have an east facing window in my room and saw that there was no chance of a sunrise picture in the park anyway.  After I woke up, I packed… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 4

Ooops and Fort Whyte Alive

Saturday morning is breakfast time at the Red Top Restaurant for me and has been for years.  This morning I headed out the door a few minutes early because snow had been falling and I would have to clean the car off before heading out.  I started the car, got the brush out and cleaned… Continue reading Ooops and Fort Whyte Alive


I eat breakfast every day, but Saturday it is eaten at the Red Top Restaurant.  They open at 8:00 am and I am usually seated at my reserved spot by 7:55 am.  🙂 I usually go with my friend Connie, but she had both her knees replaced a couple of weeks ago and has not… Continue reading Breakfast

Bathing Ducks

I did not even check the temperature this morning when Chester and I went on our walk.  I didn’t even check it when we got home and now around noon it is 27C with a predicted high of 33C and possible thunderstorms to follow.  It was very pleasant for our morning walk, so I am… Continue reading Bathing Ducks

Birds and Water

Today’s walk with Chester was after my exercise class at the Y followed by a big breakfast at the Red Top Restaurant – a Saturday tradition.  🙂   I didn’t check the temperature when we left, but it was 9C when we got back and I have no idea how long it took for this walk. … Continue reading Birds and Water


It warmed up today!  Instead of that nasty -40C stuff from the last few days (my days off, of course), it is a reasonable -12C with a windchill of -19C.   I sure hope those bitter cold days are gone until next winter now. So – I got up early for my early shift at work,… Continue reading Yippee!

Another Friday

I woke up to the radio announcer saying that it was -41C with the wind chill.  How is that possible?  That’s just too cold!  😦  The actual temperature was -30C – but the wind can sure make a difference when it’s that cold. But – I had an appointment for a mammogram this morning, so… Continue reading Another Friday

Too Much Snow

When the snow stopped coming down last night, the temperature began to drop.  By morning it was -20C.   I went out early to shovel around the car before leaving for my exercise class.  Luckily for me my wonderful neighbour Andy had cleared behind the cars with his snowblower.  I knew I would have to leave… Continue reading Too Much Snow