A Morning Walk Around Assiniboine Park

We are having some mild temperatures (for January) this week, so I had to head out and go for another walk this morning. Assiniboine Park is close and I haven’t walked around there for awhile – so that is where I drove.

After walking through the English Gardens, I decided that maybe I should eat at the Park Cafe before going any further. I stopped for a couple of seconds to get a photo of the ice on the duck pond getting a morning refresh for the ice skaters.

After the wonderful breakfast in the cafe, I headed back into the English Gardens and took a few photos as I walked.

Then I crossed the road to walk the trails in the bush and around the little railroad.

As I rounded a curve in the tracks, I could see 2 more Deer – I zoomed in and snapped a photo since I expected them to move off the path. But they didn’t.

I have never been this close to a wild White-tailed Deer before. Even as she walked off, she wasn’t afraid – she just walked away. Obviously, some of the deer spend a lot of time in the park and are very used to people – but this was unusual. I was talking to her the whole time.

Then I finished the loop and headed back to the car.