Hanging out with Coconut

You may remember Coconut from a previous time I stayed with him and his older brother Buddy. Unfortunately, Buddy has since passed and Coconut is left on his own with his human family. He seems to be doing pretty good and is hardly spoiled at all. 🙂 He is so cute, it would be hard… Continue reading Hanging out with Coconut

Bunny Story

A Bunny decided that my yard would be a good place to have babies.  I’m sure every time this happens, it is a very young bunny, who may have just been born in the spring and hasn’t developed any bunny sense yet. Yesterday morning, Chester didn’t come in immediately after his morning pee as he… Continue reading Bunny Story

In With the New

Saturday turned out to be a very busy day. As usual, my friend Connie and I went out for breakfast.  Then we headed over to Best Buy to pick up her new computer.  I helped her get it set up along with her new printer and then had to leave quickly to meet the delivery… Continue reading In With the New

Bunnies, Birds and Elephants

The bunnies and birds are (of course) from our walk to and along the Red River.  Chester watches for bunnies, while I watch for birds. The Elephants are from my picture, which is now hanging on a wall in my home. The 2 bunnies were so busy playing that they didn’t notice Chester and me… Continue reading Bunnies, Birds and Elephants

Bunnies and Ducks

I’ve got two bunnies and two ducks in just two pictures today.  🙂 The 2 bunnies were racing around, one after the other, when one of them went onto the road and then they both stopped.  I’m don’t know if one was trying to make sure the other one didn’t come back or if he… Continue reading Bunnies and Ducks

Some Thoughts

After the tree pruning, I am thrilled with the results.  I love my big trees, but I often complain that I have too much shade.  Now, I have my trees, but the sun can still make it’s way to the ground and into my windows.   I’m anxious to see how my flowers do next year… Continue reading Some Thoughts