A Stroll Around Assiniboine Park

After a big Saturday morning breakfast, I decided to head over to Assiniboine Park to see what I could see. I started out at the English Gardens to check on the hole in the tree that had been made by the Pileated Woodpecker earlier in the spring. Last time I checked on it, I couldn’t… Continue reading A Stroll Around Assiniboine Park

Walking Through the English Gardens and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

It was a cool morning, but the sun was shining and I went for a walk through the English Gardens. I knew there would be some birds around, but didn’t think any of the flowers would have survived the couple of frosty mornings we’ve had in the last week or so. The first 2 photos… Continue reading Walking Through the English Gardens and Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Quiet Morning Walk

Although I often show pictures of this walk along the Seine River, I do walk if very often without my camera.  I decided to bring the camera on a snowy morning walk this morning. I haven’t seen any of the White-tail Deer that I watched all summer long and decided to see if I could… Continue reading Quiet Morning Walk

Fort Whyte Alive – November

It was such a beautiful morning today, that I knew it was time for a visit to Fort Whyte to see what critters might be around and have a nice walk in the fresh air and sunshine. I saw and/or heard a lot more than I got pictures of, since many of the critters (especially… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive – November

Grey Squirrels

The Grey Squirrels obviously had a successful breeding season this year.  I was watching 3 almost grown youngsters out my living room window the other day.  Some of the pictures have blurs as one or more squirrel raced around, but you can see from the series, that they were certainly busy squirrels having fun. Poor… Continue reading Grey Squirrels

Population Explosion

We are currently in the midst of a bunny and a red squirrel population explosion.  The squirrels are chattering non stop from up in the trees and the bunnies are found everywhere.  Chester has to stalk every bunny and chase every squirrel up a tree when we are walking – so the walks take a… Continue reading Population Explosion

Fun with Squirrels

Yesterday evening when searching for something in the basement, my daughter and her friend found a squirrel.  I have no idea how a squirrel would have found it’s way into the basement of my house and I will be spending some time looking for a place where this could have happened.  I don’t want other… Continue reading Fun with Squirrels