Day 2 – part 4 at RMNP

Now it was time to head back north towards and then past Moon Lake. Around this time the critters often start to move. I had to stop in at Moon Lake to see if any water had opened up there yet and since I have seen both Bears and Moose in and around the parking… Continue reading Day 2 – part 4 at RMNP

A Stroll Around Assiniboine Park

After a big Saturday morning breakfast, I decided to head over to Assiniboine Park to see what I could see. I started out at the English Gardens to check on the hole in the tree that had been made by the Pileated Woodpecker earlier in the spring. Last time I checked on it, I couldn’t… Continue reading A Stroll Around Assiniboine Park

Geese, Ducks and More

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday, so I headed back to Fort Whyte Alive to walk after the snow had melted. The wind died down, the sky was blue and the temperature was back above 0C. Actually, it was about 10C and absolutely perfect for walking. Happy Easter!

Riding Mountain National Park – Day 2 continued

It seems amazing to me that I could be on a 2nd post for a day and I haven’t even had breakfast yet – but that is what happened on my 2nd day in the park this time. I was just leaving Graying Lake at the end of the last post, so there was the… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park – Day 2 continued

I’ll Just Ignore Today

It is windy, cold and snowing (although very light snow) and I am just going to ignore everything and bring out a some pictures from April 18th that I hadn’t posted yet. I am nearing the end of a 12 hour fast before my doctor’s appointment this morning.  I think I’ll survive if I don’t… Continue reading I’ll Just Ignore Today

Putting New Camera to the Test

So cameras appear to be my new addiction – although this is directly related to my critter addiction.  My other addictions (if you didn’t know) are chocolate, popcorn and Africam. The new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX300 and it had 50x optical zoom.  Now I have to get back to Africa to really… Continue reading Putting New Camera to the Test

It Was a Snow Melting Day!

We finally felt some warmth in the sun yesterday and snow was disappearing!  I took a picture of my back yard today and there isn’t much of that white stuff left now.  Today isn’t bad either so more will disappear.  🙂 Yesterday we saw some geese and some ducks when Chester and I went for… Continue reading It Was a Snow Melting Day!

Ducks and Bunnies

Today we have a couple of bunnies and some Common Goldeneye Ducks to see.  Some Cormorants (I think) flew by and I was able to get a quick picture of them too, but I missed a picture of 5 Pelicans flying by. The Pelicans came from behind without a sound and I just wasn’t ready… Continue reading Ducks and Bunnies

Ducks, Ducks and more Ducks

Another beautiful morning for a walk along the Red River with Chester.  We saw lots of ducks and Chester was just so excited and wanted to chase them.  Of course that’s not going to happen since he is connected to me with his leash.  🙂  It is currently 8C with a predicted high of 18C.… Continue reading Ducks, Ducks and more Ducks