Day 2 – part 4 at RMNP

Now it was time to head back north towards and then past Moon Lake. Around this time the critters often start to move. I had to stop in at Moon Lake to see if any water had opened up there yet and since I have seen both Bears and Moose in and around the parking area and camping area, I had to drive through and see if anything was moving.

No luck on either Bears or Moose, but I found more open water (although not much) on the lake.

Back on the highway and heading further north – I found a Black Bear in a tree.

He came down and then disappeared into the bush.

Those buds in the trees are their main source of food for now – so they have to be very agile to climb to the tops of the trees to eat.

After turning around and driving further south again, I stopped in at Grayling Lake. I found several Robins there who didn’t fly off as soon as I looked at them.

Then I headed back to Wasagaming to have something to eat at the Lakehouse.

After eating I headed back to the Honeycomb and I didn’t go out to get a sunset photo tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading for home. To be continued.

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