Finally – Back to Riding Mountain National Park

Spring was so slow to arrive this year and there are spots where snow still exists (just days before June). I’ve been wanting to get to RMNP for ages. Last year I was there in April, but this year the roads have been under water or washed out in many places. The park had even been closed due to flooding and snow. I avoid the park in the summer due to the crowds and traffic. The weather is beautiful then – but I prefer it quiet and peaceful.

As usual, I booked a room at the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast just a short distance from the south entrance to the park and I headed north on Wednesday morning. I had booked for 2 nights.

The weather was beautiful – mostly sunny with a couple of quick rain showers. I certainly did not see as many birds and animals as I often do, but I did have some good sightings and got some great photos. The biggest downside (& I was aware of it) was that Highway 10 was pretty much the only driving available.

The exceptions (which are only partial exceptions) was that Highway 19 was open from #10 to Lake Katherine only. It is a nice (but short drive) – and the Lake Audy Road to the Bison enclosure only went up to where it divides and then goes to 354 outside the park. Both of these roads suffered from flooding due to the creeks that flow under bridges along the roads. I don’t know if the bridges were compromised or if it was just the roads – so I could only do short drives.

But, I believe most of you are here more to see my photos than to read what I put down here – so here are the photos. 🙂

As usual, my first sighting was a White-tailed Deer. I took a full photo of her and then zoomed in for a head shot. They are so used to the traffic that they don’t run away often – although they do run away when a vehicle slows down or stops. This one didn’t though and I snapped quickly twice and left her alone.

The ice crystals were fascinating to watch, especially in the water with the waves. When I returned a few hours later, they had pretty much disappeared.

I don’t recall ever seeing an Osprey in the park and at first I didn’t even know what this was. He was quite a distance away (I love my super zoom camera). When he suddenly dove into the water I thought it might be an Osprey and when I took the 2nd photo, I didn’t even see the fish in the talons. I loaded the photos into my pc when I got home and I knew I had a great (but lucky) shot.

The Osprey was at Moon Lake and I always like to take a short walk to a little bridge that is near the beginning of a trail around the entire lake. I have never gone any further than the little bridge and did pass a sign indicating that the trail is closed. I stayed a couple of minutes to take my photos and returned to the car.

More to come on this trip tomorrow.