Hanging out with Coconut

You may remember Coconut from a previous time I stayed with him and his older brother Buddy. Unfortunately, Buddy has since passed and Coconut is left on his own with his human family. He seems to be doing pretty good and is hardly spoiled at all. 🙂 He is so cute, it would be hard… Continue reading Hanging out with Coconut

Introducing Toby

He is not mine and I am only living at his place for 3 weeks, but for the next 3 weeks, you just might be seeing some Toby stories here.  Toby is a 15 month old Chocolate Labrador, and is quite a big guy at 120 lbs. I am dog/house sitting and along with Toby,… Continue reading Introducing Toby

Bump on a Log

Chester and I found a bump on a log on the Red River yesterday and I am sure it wasn’t there the day before.  This requires a zoom and a picture to see what we have. Sometimes these bumps are really just bumps and sometimes they are critters disguised as bumps.  🙂 I had zoomed… Continue reading Bump on a Log


It has now been raining and then snowing for the last 2 days.  😦  The ground is white again – but it obviously (I hope) will be gone very quickly. The rain did help the snow on its way – and there are still patches of the old snow, now covered with the new snow,… Continue reading Snow

Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

OK – so snow was forecast for Saturday, but I sure didn’t request snow on the weekend.  Actually, I had plans to do some yard cleanup – but now the mess is all buried and will have to wait for next weekend. This year 90% (approximately)of the mess is going to be in one area. … Continue reading Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

A Lump

The other day when Chester and I were walking along the Red River, I noticed that his right rear foot had kind of a wobble when he walked.  I had never noticed this before – but we were walking later than normal and it was light out that morning and I could see better, so… Continue reading A Lump

Back to the Red River

I haven’t been taking my camera on walks with me for awhile now.  Partly because it was dark for our morning walks for most of the winter and party because we have been walking shorter distances and not making it to the river in an attempt to keep Chester from eating everything he sees.  I… Continue reading Back to the Red River