A Spring Morning at Sardis Park/Pond

There are plenty of spots to visit for a walk in and/or near Chilliwack. I know there are still many more for me to discover, but even just going to my usual places, things will be different each time.

More & more birds are returning – some just as a stopover before they continue further north and some will be staying to breed and raise their families.

Three views of 3 male Mallard Ducks along with 1 female Mallard Duck

Three views of Canada Geese – along with the first I’ve seen of the Turtles this year.

Two more views with Turtles.

Three views from three different spots around the pond.

I was at the right place & the right time to get these photos of the Hooded Merganser & his meal. He dove under just as I was snapping a photo and I started snapping more as he surfaced. He caught a fish!

It took a little bit of maneuvering before he could actually eat it.

He seems to have a very satisfied look after that meal.

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