A Quick Stop at Sardis Park/Pond

Although I usually get to most of my favourite places to walk in nature each week, I have not been able to get to them for the time my car was on vacation in the Vancouver area. So, when I left the Great Blue Heron Reserve and had to pass Sardis Park/Pond on the way home, I decided I might as well stop and get a bit more walking and a bit more nature to make up for lost time.

My first view was of this hilarious Canada Goose who was perched on one of the large rocks in front of the water.

I can’t help laughing at him (or her – but I’m guessing that it is a male). Yes, his head appears to be sticking out of his butt!

That is the same Canada Goose on the same rock where I took the photo above. I wanted to get the Tulips into the photo.

Grey Squirrel – same one in both photos. Squirrels don’t often stay still long enough for photos, so I took advantage of this one.

These 2 ducks have a head & feet that belong to a male Mallard Duck, but the plain grey body is missing the red/brown chest of a male Mallard Duck. The female Mallard Duck is a mottled brown – so these are both males (females do not have green heads), but one of their parents is not a Mallard Duck – so these are hybrids.

The duckling with the yellow on it seems to look more like a Mallard Duckling to me and I am guessing that the darker one may end up looking different when grown.

One last look at the mother duck and the ducklings.

Of course, now that I have my car back, I will be out again tomorrow.

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