Chickadee Trail at Birds Hill Provincial Park

I always seem to keep repeating the same trails every time I go to Birds Hill Provincial Park, but this morning I decided in advance that it is time I tried the Chickadee Trail.

I was at the entrance to the trail a few years ago when a good friend (Judy) brought me out there specifically to hand feed the Chickadees. It was winter and the Chickadees were right at the start of the trail and landed on anyone’s hand in the search for food. I had been feeding these delightful birds at home, but not by hand and at that time I hadn’t known how trusting they were.

When I started getting my own park pass and tried out a couple of trails, I also went into the Chickadee trail, but it was always so crowded and sometimes there wasn’t even a place to park – so I stopped going in there. Today, there were only a few cars – but there were a couple of large and noisy groups. I decided it was time to walk it even with the crowds and was glad I did. The groups seem to have taken a different trail or they were just there to have lunch and feed the birds that hung around the start. It was -4C, but bright & sunny when I headed out. You can click on the photos to see a larger version.

Unfortunately this trail is only for cross-country skiers during the winter months, so once it snows, I will have to go back to my regular trails or find one that can be walked in the winter.

I made a couple more stops before heading for home today – so check back tomorrow for the next part of my day. Over the 3 walks today I took over 14,000 steps or about 5 1/2 miles and 4 of the miles were on this trail.

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