Adventures in Pet Sitting

Most of you know that I love all critters. Unfortunately, since selling my home, I have been living in apartments that do not allow pets. The ones that do allow pets are usually more expensive to rent and my retirement income doesn’t give me enough to rent one of those. So, when my nephew contacted me awhile ago and asked me to look after the family dog while they were away I jumped at the opportunity. I had so much fun that I posted and talked about it and before long I had a few people looking for someone who would move into their home and look after their pets.

Unfortunately, COVID put a stop to travel and I haven’t had many opportunities to pet sit, but I still get a few house/pet sitting days.

A few days ago I was back at a friend’s house to stay with her 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers (Leo & Dublyn) and her 2 gorgeous cats (Harry & Timmy). This was a short visit, but I managed a few photos.

Harry knows he is very handsome and seems to enjoy posing for photos. I’m sure Timmy also knows he is handsome, but doesn’t enjoy posing. He also likes to stay in a dark spot and since he is dark, I had to just zoom in on his head for his photos.

Dublyn, the 5 month old Golden Retriever is the new kid (dog) on the block. He is doing pretty good and is certainly growing very fast. Leo – his big brother – is very patient and plays with him as well as putting up with his antics.

Lynne has bird feeders and bird baths out in the yard, so I spent time trying to get some bird photos as well as the dog & cat photos.