More Than 1/2 Done on Vedder River Rotary Trail

Yesterday I headed back to finally get moving again on the Vedder River Rotary Trail. I don’t know why they used such confusing signs in the bridge location. I had no problem following the trail until I got to the bridge. Well, I did have a little problem when I got to the huge pile of dirt, with nothing to say where to go next. This trail is 20+ km long, but I haven’t seen an exact distance for it – just 20+. I passed the 10, 11 & 13 km signs on this walk and then I passed them again on the way back to my car.

Bye for now Car – hope you behave yourself
view from the bridge

Which way should I go? Now I know I have to go under the bridge and onto the dyke.

My last glimpse of my car back there. You might see a little red dot in about the middle of the photo.

It is hard to tell from the photos, but the dyke that I am walking on now is about 15-20 feet above the ground.

We are out in the farmlands now.

There was a muddy little road leading back to the canal, so I walked down it to check things out.

Of course, I had to look the other way while at the water and then we are back on top of the dyke to continue walking.

I was still looking for a parking lot where I would be able to park for the next part of the trail. But we made it to the 13 km mark.

This looks interesting – and it really is interesting. The trail now turns back towards the river (left) and leaves the dyke behind. Also, to the right is a street and I walked down to take a photo of the intersections, so I can find my way back here to have a place to park for my next leg of the walk.

Then, it was time to turn around and head back to my car.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a California Scrub Jay, and unfortunately, the sun was behind him and the colours are not right on him (or her). The Steller’s Jay was much more cooperative and perched on the other side of the dyke.

This lady rode past me once before and when I heard her coming back behind me I asked if I could take a photo.

A gorgeous horse and a very nice lady 🙂

Nice of the clouds to give me a thumbs up! 🙂
Looks like my car made a few friends while I was gone.

I named my first car – a WV Beetle, Herbie – just because he was a red VW like in the Herbie movies. The only other car with a name that I drove was Libby – and she was named by the other 2 women who were with me on our amazing vacation in Europe many years ago. I probably should come up with a name for my Toyota. I am willing to take suggestions and may pull a name from the idea pile. Feel free to give me lots to choose from. You can put your ideas in the comment section below – thanks
I still had to cross the river on the bridge again – and it was time to head for home.

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