Moving Right Along

I am now getting close to walking the entire Vedder River Rotary Trail. If I hadn’t taken 2 or 3 tries at the turnaround spot at the bridge, I would have probably finished it by now. But today I was back to walking along the Vedder River, on the opposite side.

The parking spot I was planning on parking did not work out. There was construction going on with part of the road dug up, so I had to look for another place. Of course, that meant a bit further for me to walk because not all the streets go as far as the dyke.

There is the bridge that I passed ages ago where the Great Blue Heron Reserve starts on the other side of the river. Then I had to take another photo of the bridge after I had passed under. There was a man walking on the tracks and I don’t know if he walked across the bridge or not. He was still standing on the tracks when I took the second photo of the bridge,

I saw the movement in the sky and just snapped one photo. It was a quick glimpse of the Great Blue Heron.

When I passed the 17 km sign, I decided to keep going and see if I could make it to 18. The only problem is that I still have to turn back and walk all the way back to my car.

Then I noticed the cars parked on the above photo to the right and I walked there to see if parking was ok. It just seems to be a dead end and there were 5 or 6 cars parked there. Instead of continuing to the 8 km mark, I decided to return to the car and then check to find out how to get to this parking spot. It would be a perfect place to continue next time. So, I got to about 17.5 km on the trail.

I’m a little worried about the last section of this trail because I heard there was a steep climb. I don’t walk uphill well, so I’m glad I only left about 2.5 km – at least that is what I calculate. It does say the entire trail is 20+ km, but it doesn’t say how much the + is. I plan on an easy walk tomorrow and will probably head back after the weekend. I avoid weekends due to how busy the trails are.

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