Sardis Pond is a Busy Place

Sardis Pond has been pretty quiet over the winter. Although some birds stayed, most went somewhere else. Some of the birds there today might stay for the summer and some of them might head further north after taking a break here. I needed a short and easy walk after yesterday’s longer than usual one, so Sardis Park/Pond seemed to be a good choice. I did the usual 3 laps around the pond and that was just about right.

Canada Goose and Mallard Duck

American Wigeons (first 2 are in the sun and the last 2 are in the shade). The sun can sure change their appearance.

One Canada Goose and 3 Canada Geese

Mallard Duck and reflection from the pond. Please don’t wake him up.

I don’t remember ever seeing a Canada Goose in a tree before today.

I am going to take it easy for the rest of St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sardis Pond is a Busy Place

  1. Hoping third time’s a charm getting this comment in. I keep pressing the wrong button!

    You are absolutely right, Mavis: in all my years and thousands and thousands of encounters with Canada geese, migrating or settled in, I have never, ever seen one in a tree! Mind blown!

    I hear back from Ryan that he is putting together a virtual experience from his hike of?/at?/around? Kilimanjaro, to be followed by a consolidation of photos from his safaris in Tanzania into a virtual “walk!”

    Hope you and yours are all well! Cheers, Tim George, AKA Stumblebum


  2. That’s right Tim – I had forgotten about him going to Kilimanjaro. I’m really going to enjoy that walk – especially since I’ll be walking on on level ground – LOL. Tanzania will be amazing also. I’ve been to South Africa twice, but would love to go back again and/or to other places in Africa.

    Hope you are doing well also! 🙂


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