Great Blue Herons are Nesting

I am thrilled to be able to watch all these amazing Great Blue Herons in the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve near my home. Back in Manitoba, I was lucky to see one or sometimes two when I was in Riding Mountain National Park. I usually headed up there 2 – 3 times a year (before and after the busy summer months).

The trail that goes right by the Herons’ nests is blocked off to visitors during breeding season, but we can get a good view of them from across the water. I am so glad that I have a lot of zoom on my camera.

My first bird sighting on my arrival this morning was an Anna’s Hummingbird. I almost walked right past him, but luckily for me, he gave a little chirp and I looked up on a branch just above me, where this beautiful little bird posted for a couple of photos. I then walked away and left him perched there.

There were a few ducks on the ponds, but the Great Blue Herons are the stars today. The Hummingbird was a surprise star also.

Anna’s Hummingbird

Great Blue Heron flying right over me.
Another Great Blue Heron in flight.

I did not even try to count the numbers of Herons up on those trees.

Such beautiful birds and I am so excited that I will be able to watch them.

Although Mallard Ducks are very common, they are also very pretty and this pair posed nicely for me. 🙂