I Did It

It has been a few months since I decided I was going to walk the entire Vedder River Rotary Trail and I finally finished it twice yesterday. I say twice because each day I walked, I then doubled my walk because I had to go back to my car. I don’t expect that I will ever walk the entire 20+ km route in one day, but now that I know where I am going, I will be able to avoid all the wrong turns that added many additional steps to this walk.

I decided to start at the beginning of the trail and from there I could walk the opposite direction to get back to the spot where I stopped & turned back a couple of days ago.

This is the only part of the trail that has ups & downs to the walk. Some of them are fairly steep and I surprised myself that I did as well as I did. I have avoided walking up hills because I used to have to stop and catch my breath – but I was fine and kept going at the same pace. I am certainly not ready to start climbing mountains, but it felt good to be able to keep on walking.

I think I had gone about 1/2 a km from the start, so the trail would be 20 1/2 km long all together. I just have to get back to the last parking lot which was at about 17 1/2 km, so this will be a fairly short walk.

Here it is – this is the parking spot where I stopped last time, so I have now finished the trail. Once I walk back to my car it will be 2 complete walks!

That is it – back to the parking lot and it felt good to complete the entire trail. 🙂

I am not sure why they don’t give a total distance for this trail instead of 20+ km. My thoughts are that is is between 20.5 km to 21 km. I think I walked almost 1 km before I reached the 20km sign on the trail.

4 thoughts on “I Did It

  1. Congratulations on completely mastering this trail! It’s all I can do to stumble through the steps I’m getting in here, and there you are tearing it up! Well done! I agree that that is a very peculiar sign. Are you required to strike a pedestrian whilst riding your bike en route to meet the turtle at the top? It would seem so! If there is an artistic complexity to the composition, it eludes me!

    Happy Trails indeed! Cheers, Stumblebum

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  2. LOL – thanks Tim. It sure felt good to finally finish that trail and I know I’ll be doing it again, but in fewer days. Now I know where I will be going, so I won’t waste so much time trying to figure out where to go at each turn.
    Glad I’m not the only one who wondered about that sign. There must be other newbies who spend extra time trying to figure out which way to go.


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