A New Section of the Vedder Rotary Trail

Yesterday I had a couple of stops to make before heading out for my walk. So – when it was time to head over to the trail, I wasn’t sure how to get there from my current location. My handy-dandy map app was asked to direct me and I ended up in a new (to me) parking lot that was further down the trail.

The Vedder Crossing Bridge is the bridge where I’ve taken photos of the river & the people fishing. Vedder Park is where I’ve parked my car the other trips. Peach Park is the 2nd parking lot along the trail and I have previously walked about 1/2 way from Peach Park towards the spot I have now parked this time. The red dot on the map is where I parked this time.

First exciting view was the easy walk right down to the river. This is the first time I’ve been able to get right to the water from the trail. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only spot where it is easy to get right to the water – so far anyway.

Now I know that people riding horses are required to dismount and remove horse manure (according to the sign). I thought it was kind of strange that people have to pick up the much smaller dog poop, but it was ok for the rider to just leave the horse manure wherever it fell. I have not seen anyone riding a horse on the trail since I saw the big dump a couple of weeks ago.

I was so excited to see the Coyote. He was a long way off, but my trusty zoom (along with some cropping) got a few nice shots of him (or her).

I arrived at a spot where the trail crossed over a creek and continued – but it continued in both directions. I decided to turn back and then would walk back until I reached the furthest place I had been to while walking from the first parking lot. I plan on covering this entire trail – but it might take me awhile.

The above 2 photos were taken after I passed the parking lot where my car was parked.

Due to the number of trees lining the river, there are not many spots where I can get a decent photo of it, but this is a nice view. There are still plenty of trees where I found a Black-capped Chickadee willing to pose for a photo.

I took lots more photos, but will save some for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “A New Section of the Vedder Rotary Trail

  1. Another welcome interlude, Mavis! And with these pictures, you are definitely giving Ryan a “walk” for his money!

    Oh no, my kids are right: Dad jokes do seem funnier as I get older! Cheers, Tim George, aka Stumblebum


    1. Glad to see you have started walking again Tim. I notice that Ryan passed you, so hopefully you can wave at him when you pass him again soon. LOL – no comment on the Dad Jokes.


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