A New Section of the Vedder Rotary Trail – part 2

I took so many photos along this trail yesterday that I couldn’t get them all into one post. So, to continue on my walk, I actually missed this guy perched on a tree right along the path. I saw him (or her) as he took flight and landed on a tree on the other side of the river. Thanks to my trusty zoom lens, I managed a couple of decent photos of him.

Belted Kingfisher

Next up was a Crow. Both these photos show him with little round things in the beak. I think they may be Salmon eggs.

I am excited to be able to see this river after the rains start. It is very dry here and the river shows it. Here are a few shots of the Vedder River. The river is still flowing and the water sometimes is on this side and sometimes it is on the far side. It crosses back & forth a few times.

On the opposite side of the path from the river is a system of ponds that are connected. The Peach Ponds sign here gives the story. The No Fishing sign does not apply to the Great Blue Heron though.

I took a ton of photos of this beautiful bird – but am only showing a small sample here.

This gorgeous bird knew I was there, but wasn’t concerned. The photos are certainly zoomed – but I did not have to use full zoom.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!