Walking Around Sardis Pond

I love finding new places to walk, but always enjoy returning to my favourite spots too. Yesterday, it was time to return to Sardis Pond. Last time I was at this pond, there were hundreds of Canada Geese but this time, I could count the total numbers of them on one hand.

Before leaving home I did see geese, but they were traveling and I took this photo from my balcony.

The flower pots are still in bloom and now the trees are changing colours – at least this tree is changing.

It is hard to tell from these photos – but the Canada Goose on the right is much smaller than the one on the left. I will call the little one she – just because it is smaller and dainty looking. She was by herself, and was in the same general vicinity on all 3 of my laps of the pond. She let me get quite close to her for the photos. I am guessing that this is a Lesser Canada Goose, which I don’t believe I have ever seen before.

A beautiful Great Blue Heron and a pair of Mallard Ducks

Mallard Duck opened her wings just as I was about to snap the photo. Pied-billed Grebe posed nicely.

The white Crow looks a bit different from the last time I saw her. It might be mostly due to the lighting (shadows vs sun) or that she is just in the middle of a moult. She doesn’t look as dark in the 2nd photo.

Heron moved to visit with a Turtle and a Coot was out for a swim.

Three Turtles on a log, but 2 seem to be quite interested in each other.

I had not noticed this sign before, but it is across the path from the pond. I am looking more at the pond than over there, and plan on doing the same until these ants are gone.

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  1. I love turtles! You seldom see them going to nose to nose like that, though! Your log? Really? Come on, man! No need to snap!


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