Kangaroos and More

Yesterday, I decided to drive back to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I had heard from a friend in Winnipeg, that 3 Kangaroos had been sent to this zoo from the Assiniboine Park Zoo recently. I haven’t seen any Kangaroos – so, of course, I had to go back again to look for them.

I took a look at the map of the zoo and found the trail that I would be able to find them. I had actually seen this trail before, but it was very short and there was a building at the end. I thought it was a staff building and didn’t realize that any critters were just out of sight there – but that is where the Kangaroos were (not in the building, but close to it). I still don’t know what is in the building.

Wallaby on left and Red Kangaroo on the right. This is not one of the ones that had come from Winnipeg though. There was another one, but it was also full grown. It is possible the Winnipeg Roos are still in quarantine (as always happens when critters move from one zoo to another). Guess I’ll give it another week or 2 before trying to find them again.

A couple of Cougars – doing what cats do! Just having a nap.

Two male Giraffes – maybe father & son. I can tell they are both males because the tops of their ossicones (look like horns) are bald. There is usually a 3rd Giraffe, but I only saw the 2 today.

American White Pelicans

Peacocks are gorgeous and I can’t resist taking a photo.

There are 2 Ring-Tailed Lemurs that live on a little island.

I managed to get photos of 3 of the beautiful Wolves.

I love how the Wolf below was looking right at me. Eyes are very piercing!

As I was on my way out, I was looking for the Ostrich who entertained me last time I was there. Both the male & female were inside their shack, but they came out when I got close. She was hilarious – just like the last time. Unfortunately, a man walked up and reached over the wood fence to try to touch her and she turned & walked away.