A Walk in Nature

Of course, where would I walk other than somewhere in nature. This walk was in the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve. I covered a couple of trails that I hadn’t been on before, but I’m still not comfortable enough to veer off a path in case I get lost. On the way home I bought… Continue reading A Walk in Nature

Lakeview Trail

My last walk of the day was the Lakeview Trail – around the lakes in Birds Hill Provincial Park (the place where I was completely lost last winter). It is so much easier to walk on the paths instead of wading through hip deep snow while not knowing where the path actually was. I don’t… Continue reading Lakeview Trail

Follow-up to Lost in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

This morning I pulled up an online map of Bird’s Hill Provincial Park to try to determine where I had actually gone in my wanderings the other day. Here is the map and I have marked a few spots that I know but there is a large blank spot where I have no idea how… Continue reading Follow-up to Lost in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park