Follow-up to Lost in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

This morning I pulled up an online map of Bird’s Hill Provincial Park to try to determine where I had actually gone in my wanderings the other day.

Here is the map and I have marked a few spots that I know but there is a large blank spot where I have no idea how I went from one X to the other X.

The red arrow at the top is the parking lot where I left my car. The arrow going to the right is where I went from the parking lot to the start of the trail and then in between the lakes. I went past the bike rentals and up to the next X where I was pretty close to the start (and what should have been the end) of the walk.

I know I walked for a long time in between the X by the lake and the next X in the campground but can’t understand how or why I got so far off the trail. Between the 2 X’s, there was no trail, and I was just following footprints or snowshoe prints – often sinking down in the snow which had softened due to warmer weather. The X in the campground is where I met the people who directed me how to get back, but I had already wandered through the entire campground by then. They were walking to the right going around the circle there and they told me to go left where I would find the turn to get onto the trail that would eventually get me back to the parking lot. Since they were walking faster than I was (as I was a little tired by then), I met up with them pretty much at that turn-off. From the circle point on, the trail was all nicely plowed and easy to walk on.

I’ll be back there again soon to try to figure things out!