Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 2

I was still at Lake Audy Dam at the end of the last post and was enjoying the scenery and the birds, when I saw something swimming off in the distance.  It was actually more just the water moving that I saw.  I zoomed in on it with my camera and was surprised to see a Beaver swimming in my direction.  Until now, Beavers have avoided me on every visit and he was coming towards me.

DSCN0997 (800x600)DSCN0998 (800x519)DSCN0999DSCN1002 (800x366)DSCN1005 (711x800)DSCN1006 (800x737)DSCN1008 (800x505)DSCN1010 (800x505)DSCN1011 (711x800)DSCN1013 (800x520)

He was very close to me and although I was as quiet as I could be, I am sure he knew I was there.  But he was going about his business whether I was there or not.  He swam back towards where I had first seen him and then I saw another Beaver in the area, but that one swam in the opposite direction and they both disappeared.

On the way out I saw a couple of Grebes in the water.

DSCN1019 (800x401)DSCN1020 (800x387)

As you can see – they turned their backs to me.

While heading back to the Bison enclosure, I saw a Hawk up in a tree and I believe it is a Red-tail Hawk – possibly even the same one I saw the other day.  They were both within the same general area, but a few kilometers away.

DSCN1021 (760x800)

This time, I got to see his back instead of his front.

I went in the gate and took the one-way road towards the entrance.  I have never seen Bison on this little road, unless I could also see them from the main road, but it isn’t unusual to see White-tail Deer here.  I found the Deer.

DSCN1028 (800x490)DSCN1030 (800x434)DSCN1032 (800x444)DSCN1033 (800x752)DSCN1034 (800x451)DSCN1035 (663x800)DSCN1040 (754x800)

I never tire of watching these beautiful animals.

In tomorrow’s blog, I continue my drive in the Bison enclosure, to see if I can find them.  So far, this is the first time on this trip where they haven’t been right beside the road and easy to find.