A Hot Summer Morning at Fort Whyte Alive

I had planned on heading out to either the Whiteshell Provincial Park or Grand Beach Provincial Park today, to spend some time with my feet in a lake. Unfortunately, rain was in the forecast, so I decided to hang out in Winnipeg and headed to Fort Whyte Alive. All signs of rain left and it turned out to be a hot & sunny day here in Winnipeg – but I had a nice walk anyway.

A family of Canada Geese wandered across the grass as soon as I left the entry building. Next up was a Mallard Duck with some almost grown ducklings.

I found a few Painted Turtles in one of the ponds. I can count 5 – how many do you see? Or – is that a little one on the back of the one on the left?

A little Dragonfly stopped to pose for a photo. That was nice of it! 🙂

Next up was a Merganser and a couple of Mallards on one of the floating docks.

I think this is a Muskrat. I have seen Muskrat here before, but have not seen a Beaver. It is hard to tell from the distance and just the back of its head though.

I followed a Canada Goose family down a path towards a bird feeder.

A young Robin decided to have a bath in the middle of the path in front of me. He seemed to be enjoying himself and I snapped a few photos.

Then, a couple more Dragonflies.

I think this bird is a Brown-headed Cowbird.

I stopped at the Sod House before I was leaving. It was closed (as expected) due to COVID-19, but I took a photo of the outside and of the sign that gives information about sod houses.