Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 1

Although it was very cloudy again this morning, I was up and out of the B&B first thing in the morning and headed to Grayling Lake in the hopes the clouds would clear enough for morning sunrise pictures.  It was foggy and I remembered getting some beautiful foggy sunrise pictures there a couple of years… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 1

Day 2 continued – Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17

When the Moose had moved on, I said good-bye to Anne and continued towards the Bison enclosure.  I was looking at the beautiful fall colours as I entered and after going around a bend in the road, it was suddenly foggy.  The tall grasses were interesting in the fog with the frost still on them… Continue reading Day 2 continued – Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17

May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

Very cloudy this morning, but it was fairly bright. It had rained a bit during the night, but not much, so everything was just a little damp. First we have my cloudy morning look at the day from my deck. Then the Wildebeest in the usual spot stood still for a photo. Soon after I… Continue reading May 28 – Tamboti to Talamati

May 26 – Tamboti

It was a very foggy morning and this time, it didn’t go away when the sun rose. First sightings after my foggy morning picture from my deck, but too dark and foggy to take pictures were a single male Impala, Helmeted Guineafowl road block, herd of Impalas, tiny mouse running across the road and some… Continue reading May 26 – Tamboti

May 18 – Satara

I started off this foggy morning with a Helmeted Guinea Fowl road block. Guess they heard that I mentioned that I hadn’t been seeing them around Satara. The sun soon rose with a beautiful sun rise and cleared up the fog for a nice drive. Today, I had decided to drive south a bit to… Continue reading May 18 – Satara

Fog and Flowers

The weather here has been hot and humid, with thundershowers threatened pretty much every day over the last couple of weeks.  My old air conditioner has been working hard to keep both the temperature and humidity livable in the house. This morning I woke up to a thick fog.  The sun soon dispersed it but… Continue reading Fog and Flowers

Foggy Morning

Chester and I were met with a thick fog on our morning walk yesterday.  We could just barely make out the line of trees across the Red River. As he promised, Chuck came and took away all the garbage from his work on the sun room.  Because he bagged it as he went, it was… Continue reading Foggy Morning

Monday Morning Walk

I was not expecting to see much on today’s walk due to the fog covering, but took my camera as usual when Chester and I headed out.  I took pictures of a couple of things that are still waiting for the city to look after – one from the winter and one from early summer. … Continue reading Monday Morning Walk