A Walk at Fort Whyte Alive

Right after Christmas, I purchased a new coat during the boxing day sales.  It is much warmer than anything I have had before and would come in handy while volunteering at the zoo and walking at Fort Whyte Alive.  The weather was warmer than usual during this time, so I didn’t wear it until today when I had the time to get out to Fort Whyte Alive.

The temperature was -13C with a wind chill value of -19 – so still not the extreme cold that I would need this coat for, but cold enough to see how it was.

I took a few pictures of the native fish & turtles inside the 2nd building, but only two actually turned out well enough to show.  The first are Painted Turtles and I believe the fish are Perch.

dscn2351 (800x559)dscn2363 (800x600)

Just outside the door were 4 White-tail Deer.  They stopped to pose for photos.

dscn2342 (800x493)
I never get tired of seeing Deer.
dscn2343 (800x435)
These 2 didn’t even look up
dscn2344 (800x772)
This one knows how to pose
dscn2345 (800x590)
Close-up of this beauty
dscn2349 (600x800)
This one kept on eating

The paths were fairly good for walking, especially on the side where the Bison are located and I snapped a few pictures on my walk.

dscn2366 (800x600)
Trail was plowed
dscn2367 (800x583)
Coming up to a lake
dscn2368 (800x590)
Lake is just past the bench
dscn2369 (800x582)
View after turning away from the lake
dscn2373 (800x529)
Pair of Ravens flying above
dscn2374 (800x402)
I didn’t climb up to the treehouse, but took a photo of it from the Bison mound
dscn2377 (800x599)
dscn2380 (800x600)
The little waterhole where I often stop – hope there is more water in it this year.
dscn2385 (800x593)
Sod House – I didn’t go inside this time.
dscn2387 (800x388)
Ducks at some open water.

I was more than warm enough in my new coat.

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  1. Wow – that is HOT Sue! I wouldn’t like that any more than -40 that we sometimes get here too. The hottest we get here is the low +30s.


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