Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Part 4, Relax

There is just so much information in this museum, that it is impossible to take it all in at once.  Because of this, there are a couple of places to just relax.  Of course, there are plenty of spots to sit during your visit, but one place is here just to relax and reflect.  I believe this place was on the 4th floor and it has benches to sit on, peaceful water spots and it is very quiet.

I looked up to see a few more floors to go while I was in there.

After completing those 3 more floors, there are more stairs (or an elevator) to take you up to the observation deck.  Unfortunately all these outside photos seem to have some reflected lighting from inside.

This is looking back towards The Forks looking South
This is looking East into St. Boniface.  We see the Red River, after it has joined with the Assiniboine (just south of here – off to the right) and is flowing North.  The bridge is the Provencher Bridge and the pedestrian bridge with a restaurant in the middle of it.
Looking East to the downtown area.
Looking North-East showing more downtown area.
This is showing the maze of walkways to walk up & down the levels. 
This is one of the walkways.  They are well lit and are easily sloped for anyone to be able to walk, with several level spots along the way.  This, of course, makes the walk longer.  There are elevators and often people will take the elevator to the top and walk down while some people take the elevators both ways.  Some people (like myself) walk both ways.  My FitBit was very happy.
There is a library in here.  You can’t take books out, but you can sit and read.  I believe this is also on the 4th floor. 

Oh one more little piece of information I found, about an experiment the federal government here did, that they have been debating since then.

I am finding that a lot of the rest of my photos don’t have explanations – or that I have explanations without the photos.  My series of the Museum will continue after I have made a return visit.

I mentioned earlier that the admission was $17.00 (senior price).  After talking to a couple of very helpful & friendly staff during my visit, I found out that if I purchased an annual pass on the same day, I would just pay the difference between the daily and annual passes.  The difference for a senior was only $19.00 so I did purchase one on the way out.  This pass also gives me 4 hours of free parking at The Forks when I am at the museum.

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