Back to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

After returning to my car, I headed on towards the West Beach to wander a bit along the beaches. Now that the snow is pretty much gone, I found out that there are paved walkways everywhere. If those walkways had been plowed, it would have been very easy to have found my way back to… Continue reading Back to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

A Snowy Walk

It snowed here a couple of days ago and the snow is still here! It has been several years since we’ve had snow in October, but when we have, it is usually gone the next day. This time, it just might stay until spring. 😦 I decided that I could survive a walk in the… Continue reading A Snowy Walk

May 29 – Talamati

I heard Lions roaring early this morning, but no sign or noise from them once I was on my way. The sun made a pretty decent attempt at making a nice sunrise this morning. Before I actually saw any critters, I met a couple of Rangers and their dog walking along the road. I stopped… Continue reading May 29 – Talamati

May 15 – Lower Sabie

It was a very wet morning for the morning drive, but I walked over to the pick up spot to go any way. I was there all alone at 4:45, but then a family of 3 arrived to keep me company. The driver and vehicle arrived a few minutes later. The first thing Darryl (our… Continue reading May 15 – Lower Sabie

January 11th

It has been another decent day for January here.  The temperature didn’t get any lower than -18C, which is wonderful at this time of year.  We even had the sun shining for much of the morning and afternoon.  🙂 One day (or one winter, I mean) I will spend the winter in a warmer climate. … Continue reading January 11th

March 24th

Hey – who ordered this snow?  I know it sure was NOT on my wish list. The temperature has dropped and is expected to drop more over the next day or two, along with more of that nasty wind.  It wasn’t too bad for our walk this morning, but I did put my winter jacket… Continue reading March 24th

October 3rd

I guess I am going to have to admit that summer is gone.  Once the temperature dropped last week, it has stayed chilly since then with it getting very close to frost a couple of days.  Right now it is 10C, which is the high for the day and it is supposed to rain tonight… Continue reading October 3rd

May 27th

Since we had to wait a long time for good weather, I think that everyone here really appreciates it now that it is finally here!  Yippee.  Yesterday was a beautiful day for our dog walk and that was followed by a bike ride to work.  I got to ride my bike about 3 weeks ago… Continue reading May 27th