Back to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

After returning to my car, I headed on towards the West Beach to wander a bit along the beaches. Now that the snow is pretty much gone, I found out that there are paved walkways everywhere. If those walkways had been plowed, it would have been very easy to have found my way back to the parking lot – without getting lost in the campground.

I should have stayed here longer and gone to explore the campground (without snow), but I wanted to walk the Cedar Bog trail today too – so that is my next stop.

I am getting to know the park much better now. One fact is that there are 2 campgrounds. One is near the lakes/beaches and the other is on the other side of the road and is a group camp site. I had been in the beach campground a couple of times before – once when walking the Prairie Winds trail and once when walking the one with the old homesteads. I knew it was the same campground from those 2 trails because they intersect not far from the lookout tower. I did not know it was the same campground that is at the beaches. Until recently, I hadn’t been to Bird’s Hill Park at all – other than going horseback riding at the stables when I was much younger.

Tomorrow, I will post the rest of my morning walk.