My Plant Balcony

A little over a year ago I moved into a small apartment that had a little plant balcony. I couldn’t go on the balcony, but I could put plants on it. The balcony is about 25 inches wide and 57 inches long and there is a 3 foot step to get out onto it – which makes it just fine to lean out to take photos – or to look after plants. There is also a gutter across the length of it

I didn’t plant anything out there last year because I did quite a bit of house/pet sitting. I would return home every few days to collect mail and look after the houseplants – but the outdoor ones would need water more often as the window faces south.

This year COVID-19 messed up vacations, so I haven’t been house/pet sitting since that started and I decided to get working on planters.

In the centre of each planter is a Blue-eyed Beauty and they are both surrounded by mixed petunias. All the petunias that have flowers are pinks or purples, but some didn’t have flowers, so I’ll find out when they do.

I had wanted to get planters that could be hung on the railing, but was unable to find any. I did find some online and bought them before heading out to pick them up, but by the time I got there, I got a notice that they were out of stock and my order was cancelled. One of the employees tried to check other branches, but didn’t have any luck. She phoned all the ones that indicated online that they had some. So later, I found these ones at another store and brought them home.

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