Introducing Macy

Macy belongs to a friend of mine, who was heading away for the city for a few days with some friends.  I moved in to look after her new dog Macy while she was gone.  Two days before they left, Macy had a problem with her anal glands and as a result, she was wearing this lovely cone for the time I was there.  The cone didn’t slow her down one little bit.  I think her only problem was that she couldn’t scratch her ears when they were itchy – so I looked after that for her.  🙂  Well, she also spilled some water when trying to drink out of her water bowl, but a towel under the bowl kept that under control.
IMG_1283 (800x756)
Look at this sweet face!
IMG_1285 (601x800)
Our first selfie!
A cone on her head sure didn’t stop Macy from sniffing everywhere.
You can’t see the bounce in a photo, but Macy was trotting right along here. We went for 3 or 4 walks each day and I picked a slightly different route each time to provide some variety for both of us.
What an adorable face!
Macy is ready to GO!
We spent some time in the back yard – just sniffing everywhere.
then looking back to be sure I was watching her.
I hope it was ok for her to be in the garden – ooops
What are we going to do now?
A couple more head shots – what a sweetie!
I didn’t get any pictures of this – but one morning it was raining and I decided to let Macy go out in front when we got up and before her breakfast.  We had done the same the day before, but it wasn’t raining – not that that had anything to do with this day’s fun.  On this day, she saw a bunny across the street just as she got outside and she took off much faster than I thought her short legs could go.  I called her, but she wasn’t stopping and it took a few minutes before she decided to return.  I was dressed, but only wearing slippers on my feet and by the time she returned, my feet were soaking wet.  Macy was also wet, but she was quite pleased with herself.  She didn’t catch the bunny, but she had fun trying. Anyway, I dried Macy, I dried my feet and hung up my slippers to dry.  Judy has a box of slippers at the door for visitors to use, so I used one of those. I plan on visiting to get pictures of Macy without the cone one day.

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