Meet Neko and Finnegan

As you may have noticed, I love all critters, so when I was asked if I could look after a couple of kitties, by just coming in a couple of times a day to give them food, water and some attention, I said yes. I went over and met the owner and the cats a… Continue reading Meet Neko and Finnegan

A Trip to Riding Mountain National Park in the Winter

One day while reading the posts on the RMNP Facebook group, I noticed someone posting that she had a room in her house for rent.  Her home is located just outside the park and she has horses (both hers and horses that are being boarded).  I had recently received my lease renewal and was facing… Continue reading A Trip to Riding Mountain National Park in the Winter

Fort Whyte Alive in May

After the last few weeks of planning and then executing the plans to sell my house and set my retirement, I needed a break. After breakfast and grocery shopping this morning, I headed out for some fresh air and critter viewing at Fort  Whyte Alive. What a beautiful morning for a walk! Lots of Canada… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive in May

We Survived a Bath

I may have mentioned here before that Chester does not like having a bath.  He doesn’t need one often luckily, but today was the day.  My afternoon shift at work was canceled so this was the perfect day to get it done and over with. He still seems to like me so I guess we… Continue reading We Survived a Bath


This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, but my family is mourning the loss of Cheryl Malek (Panting) – my niece. Cheryl was born in Winnipeg on December 14, 1970 to my sister Sharon and her husband John Panting.  She was their first born and an absolute delight.  She was the only one, out of my… Continue reading Cheryl

The Last Day to The First Day

Yesterday was my last day of work at the Y and today is my first day of retirement. It was a very pleasant day at work.  I had enough to do to keep me occupied, but not too much to do so I could stop and talk to members and other staff.  Just so that… Continue reading The Last Day to The First Day


Finally we have some warm weather and things are growing.  🙂  Actually, it is going to be a hot weekend – even better!  The trees are starting to open their leaves as we see a bit of green on the branches now.  By the end of this weekend, they should be pretty much fully open.… Continue reading Growth

Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

OK – so snow was forecast for Saturday, but I sure didn’t request snow on the weekend.  Actually, I had plans to do some yard cleanup – but now the mess is all buried and will have to wait for next weekend. This year 90% (approximately)of the mess is going to be in one area. … Continue reading Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

It’s Melting!

The snow is finally melting.  There is still lots here (of course), but it is melting! I can get to my barbeque on the deck now and this weekend might be a good one to use it. We can see some weak spots on the ice on the Red River this morning. My sidewalk hurdle… Continue reading It’s Melting!

The Mouse

My weekends (as I’m sure most working people’s weekends) are full of errands and chores that never get done during the week. Today was grocery shopping and then it was time to tackle my next de-clutter/de-crapify item on the list for the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I didn’t really have any area planned,… Continue reading The Mouse