Next Stop – Birds Hill Provincial Park

From Lockport, it was a short drive to #59 highway and then I headed south to Birds Hill Provincial Park and then turned off and headed into the park. I was getting hungry by then and although I planned on walking before eating, I decided to stop and eat first. I figured my boots would be too muddy after walking the trails, to be able to enter the restaurant. So, I talked myself into stopping at Pine Ridge Hollow for breakfast. Their food is so good!

When back on the road, I saw a hawk at the top of a tree and stopped for one quick photo. For hawks, I generally just zoom a bit to snap a photo and if he stays a few more seconds, I can zoom in more. He only stayed for the one, but I probably wouldn’t have got the shot at all if I had tried to zoom in more than I did. So, this photo is cropped a fair amount.

Red-tailed Hawk
This is a map of the trail from the outlook.

I decided to start on this trail today – but I didn’t get far when I realized that most of the paved path was buried under quite a bit of snow/ice/water.

At this particular spot, I easily walked on the grass instead of the buried path, but not too far up from here, the sides of the path were completely buried also – so I turned back.

I stopped at the information board and took one photo from the viewpoint before getting back in the car.

I am considerably more cautious than I used to be.

Instead of walking around the lakes from here, I decided to drive to the lakes and walk around them from there.

More from this day tomorrow.