Spring at Oak Hammock Marsh

Yesterday, I drove north to Oak Hammock Marsh to have a walk. Last time I went there this year, I had to walk through deep snow and didn’t end up going far. It was hard work walking when each step took me to my knees (& sometimes deeper). There were still little spots of snow today, but it was a beautiful day to be there.

The sounds of spring as I was walking along the boardwalk.

I think I caught a bit of the Grebes mating display – after photo #2, they just got further & further apart. I should have stayed to watch them a little longer.

Male Mallard Duck
Bufflehead Ducks
View from the observation deck.

The hide where I took the blackbird photos is right in the centre of the above photo.

We have had such a long winter, so getting out to enjoy spring is on the top of my list now.