Dogs & Cats

I spent a few days last week with a couple of Golden Retrievers (Leo & Dublyn) and a couple of cats (Harry & Timmy). I’ve stayed with them before, so they may be familiar to my regular viewers.

Amazingly enough, I managed to get a few photos of these gorgeous animals.

This is Harry. He looks a little more concerned with something in the first photo, but back to his regal pose for photo #2

This is Timmy – checking out the camera in the first photo and relaxing in the 2nd photo.

This is Leo – the always happy go lucky Golden Retriever. He is relaxing in both these photos.

This is Dublyn – the new critter on the block. He is young and seldom stays still for long. He didn’t want to pose unless he was in front of Leo. He is 1 year old now and has fit into the family nicely.

I was just with these critters for a few days. The dogs and I had our walks each day.

We set out each morning for a nice walk. This was a sunny morning but not every morning was.

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