Spending Some Time with Cats

I’d like to introduce you to 3 cats who were in need of someone to spend time with them while their owners were away this week. Of course, I arrived with my camera and managed a few photos.

Here are Spencer, Dave and Rodney!

Spencer spends almost all of his day (& night) in the cat hammock in the window. Rodney also likes time in a hammock (there are 2 hammocks (side by side) in the large window), but they both prefer to be the only one up there. Dave likes to spend his time resting upstairs in a cat condo. I’ve seen Rodney sharing that with him, but I haven’t seen Spencer go upstairs yet.

Spencer and Dave are older than Rodney and have been living here for longer than Rodney has – so the youngest is still trying to find his place in the pack. He isn’t afraid to fight for his spot. There weren’t a lot of fights – usually just some complaints from Spencer when Rodney hopped up into the window hammock, but one day there was a short fight, and a loud clap from my hands stopped it quickly.

Spencer and Dave both took a couple of days before they would allow me to pet them, but they finally decided I was ok (probably because I was feeding them). Rodney however loved to cuddle with me right from the start, and purred loudly while rubbing my face with his face. I used my phone for a quick video where you can hear him purring as he rubbed my face.

After tomorrow’s breakfast I will be leaving them to return home. Actually, I have been home a fair amount of time, since I am only needed to give them some attention, for the twice a day feedings and to spend the night. I live within walking distance, but other than the first day (after a snow storm), I have driven back & forth. Otherwise, I continued on as usual with my volunteering at the zoo and/or just going back to my apartment to get things done.

While back in my apartment one time, I had both a Black-capped Chickadee and a White-breasted Nuthatch land on my balcony railing, so I took their photos to post here also along with some Polar Bears from my volunteer shift at the zoo.