Fort Whyte Alive on a Beautiful Sunny Day

After yesterday’s dismal looking sun, I wasn’t going to waste today’s beautiful sun, so I headed over to Fort Whyte Alive for a walk. The temperature was a lovely -7C.

This is the sun we normally see a lot of in Sunny Manitoba.

The Chickadees were not very co-operative today, but I managed a couple of photos.

A couple of White-tailed Deer did stop and pose for me, which was nice. I didn’t expect to see any deer in the afternoon.

There is a lot of information on various signs around Fort Whyte Alive, so I am working on taking a photo of most of them – one at a time. Here is today’s photo.

I took a some general photos of the path I was following and then also took one of the ski trail that goes across the paths. The ski trail looks like it is being used, but I have never seen anyone on it. The paths are in excellent condition.

The Bison were a long way from the viewing hill, but on my way out, I saw that they were by the fence outside the entrance and quite close to the road. So, I parked the car and walked over to the fence for a few photos.